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Pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our easy to use web-based platform Portal allows instant access to sensor data and alerts & notifications set-up, all in the palm of your hand. Know what's happening, 24/7.

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One Cloud

AGAD Portal delivers a world class Interface to a site's critical data. Giving a rapid method to filter and display data.


Seperate Portals

Listo have licenced a number of independent Portals for solution providers.


Integration with Many Platforms

Methods to Connect to Publish data to the Portal.

At it's base level AGAD Portal does not require any development. Devices automatically appear on the Portal with zero coding required, only requiring the most basic of configuration.

At a higher level, additional key performance indicator (KPIs) and functionality can be integrated into the Portal as required.

One Cloud

With all The Features you Need

Advanced analytics

Advanced key performance indicators (KPIs) to alert a user to not just alarm patterns, but equipment pattern change.


Complete alarm monitoring system with KPIs and full Audit trail.

Email/SMS Alerts

Alarm events can be used to trigger email/SMS alerts. These events provide a complete audit trail of events to allow investigation and reporting of these events.

Automated Reports

AGAD Portal allows automatic reporting of data - Production, alarming, events or analog trends. Giving a flexible and easy to use method to visualize and export data.

Situation Awareness

A milestone list time-stamped with everything that occurs. The Situation Awareness is the heart of any changes onsite – from events, alarms, equipment change of state to any configuration changes. Displayed in chronological order. This can assist with a 'First Up' situation to tell what happened around an issue, giving an audit trail around this.


With multi language integrated from the core, new languages are continually being added.

Easy Customization

Intuitive user preferences allow for a personal experience. From dark/light mode to layout, all changeable.

COG Integration

Additional software modules / Cogs can be integrated at any stage to give additional functionality to the Portal. These provide a wealth of addon support tools to increase the breadth of what the Portal can achieve.


Private and public entries can be created, automatically linked.

Beautiful UI

Clean. Uncluttered. Simple. Removing distractions and focusing on the data.

RestfulAPI Integration

AGAD Portal allows data to be pushed to other Data Centres, or to collect data from external sources using RestAPI. Giving a simple and safe Interface.

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Centralized Operational Gateway System (COGS)

COG Integration

The AGAD Portal is a powerful platform that provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of features to streamline their operations. The Centralized Operational Gateway System (COGS) is a key component of the AGAD Portal, offering businesses access to a range of tools that are specifically tailored to their unique needs. These tools include project management software, digital audit systems, production and energy data visualization tools, and calibration management software. With the AGAD Portal, businesses can streamline their processes, collaborate and communicate more effectively, enhance their security measures, achieve cost savings, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. By leveraging the power of the AGAD Portal, businesses can stay ahead of the curve in the digital age.


Casting your portal screen lets you mirror your device to a digital display so you can view your content exactly as you see it on your device—only bigger. Giving the user the ability to display data on large displays around a control room, production office or production floor. Any data screen can be 'Cast' to a screen for review when investigating data.

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Kanban Boards

Kanban is a project management tool designed to help visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency.

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Pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our easy to use web-based platform Portal allows instant access to sensor data and alerts & notifications set-up, all in the palm of your hand.

Early detection of changing conditions is critical for businesses to assess issues or confirm improvements. AGAD Portal brings multiple data sources together to allow for a rapid investigation.

With a wide range of historical data the user can clearly see ongoing issues or assess the improvements after an intervention.

Listo Ltd has many years experience in the Automation sector, giving us valuable insights in a wide range of Industrial processes.

The system's advantages

  • The AGAD Portal product gives a complete site monitoring solution.
  • Harvesting relevant data from our intelligent interface modules or customers' equipment and storing the information on the Listo:Cloud, placing all data in a central location for viewing and exporting to other packages.
  • It provides Real-time and historical, user-friendly, observation and interrogation of information, viewable on any web-enabled device.
  • This was a simple application that required boiler pressure monitoring with alert notification capability.
  • Data is sent to the Listo:Portal for storage to enable monitoring and trending of boiler pressure.
  • Email and SMS alerts were set up and activate when Low Pressure is identified.
  • An analog module and a pressure transmitter were fitted to the system.


Where Can I use The Portal?

Listo Ltd has many years experience in the automation sector, giving us valuable insights in a wide range of industrial processes.

One Cloud
  • Machine OEE
  • Downtime Alert
  • Quality Parameter Monitoring – temperature, pressure
  • Power
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Fuel
  • Discharge consent
  • Spill Detection
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Spill Detection
  • River Level
Tank Farm
  • Tank Level
  • Tank Temperature
  • Spill Detection